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I started St Martin's Clinic to help individuals who suffer from alcohol problems but quickly learned that often it had been stress, anxiety or depression that led them to use such unwise coping strategies .  So where are you right now?

For most people the ability to enjoy satisfaction, handle problems effectively and feel optimistic can be taken for granted but difficulties with anxiety, depression and alcohol probably means it has been some time since you have experienced life in that way.   What's more, the stress of not coping well with these difficulties very likely has a detrimental effect on your relationships, your work, your finances and your health.      


However, if you are ready to tackle problems that have been challenging for you and get back on track, I can help.   I have worked successfully with people who have experienced the toxic mix of drug and alcohol misuse with other forms of distress such as anxiety, stress, trauma, PTSD, and depression.

My goal as a psychologist is to make the transition into therapy comfortable and convenient.  Clients usually want concrete strategies to walk away with from sessions.   This is what I offer through a cognitive behavioural therapeutic approach (CBT).   My commitment is to make the therapeutic process and relationship a transformative experience.   I strive to offer the most actionable ideas available and I am committed to constantly refining my skills and knowledge to offer a modern and compassionate service.   Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions.

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